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Our Workshops

Each workshop introduces George Albee's theory on preventative mental health through discussions & experiential exercises on the following topics:​

Build Strong Support Systems

Map out who is in your current support system, and develop strategies for growing a healthy, diverse support system

Identify Healthy Coping Skills

Explore what coping skills you currently have, when to use them, and how to practice new ones

Nurture Resilience

Redefine resiliency through the lens of your life experiences, learn how to tell your story in a powerful way that fosters agency

Each participant will write their narrative through a reflective storytelling closing exercise and receive a copy of Redefining Resilience with more exercises and prompts.

Contact us to preview our curriculum and methodology!

Youth Workshops 

Our youth workshop focuses on building support systems, identifying healthy coping skills, and defining resilience. 

Fit for organizations such as schools, after-school programs, summer camps, youth-serving non-profit organizations, libraries, and at-risk centers

Adult Workshops (18+)

Our one day adult workshop focuses on reconnecting pathways for meaningful dialogue through reflective storytelling. These workshops can be for groups of adults in a community or to train staff at youth-serving non-profits how to teach the Imagine Further Collective curriculum to their program participants. 

Fit for organizations such as: transitional housing facilities, community organizations, senior living facilities, and correctional facilities.

Community & Neighborhood Workshops (All Ages)

Our community workshop can vary from 1-3 days and focuses on a multigenerational approach for geographic or place based community members to tell their stories of resilience and build trusting relationships. Space permitting our team will support you in building a community garden called a Satori Space during the workshop. 

Satori is a Japanese Buddhist term for awakening and understanding a person’s true nature. This project was started as a place for communities to have a place of respite from their everyday stressors. Our goal is for individuals to either meditate by themselves or have meaningful dialogue with others. We have consciously built gardens next to police stations, fire stations, hospitals, and transitional housing facilities to create a greater sense of unity among all community members.

Fit for organizations such as local non-profits, hospitals, spiritual centers, fire stations, police stations, libraries, and community centers.


Let's Work Together

Contact us to host a workshop at your organization at:

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