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Gregg Dietz creates Youth Advocacy League (YAL) - a student-led social justice group, using George Albee's preventative mental health research in partnership with the University of Pittsburgh.

Gregg Dietz hosts week-long leadership training for over 10,000 high school students between 1985-2000.

E'Racism is founded to bring awareness and start dialogue around the "isms" such as racism, sexism, and classism throughout the City of Pittsburgh.

The first Diversity Day is hosted, bringing together 30 schools across the City of Pittsburgh to learn about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Erin Drisler, Jackie Betts, and Megan Neuf (17 y/o) win Jefferson Award for Public Service in honor of their work with Empowerment a young women's feminist group addressing sexual assualt.

YAL students help to build the Millvale's first Community Library.

Alexis Werner (15 y/o) founds Seeds of Hope to support military veterans with Post Traumatic Stress and expands to 15 cities nationwide.

Roman Benty organizes concert series to benefit Millvale Community Library, Crisis Center North, and Pittsburgh Action Against Rape.

Frank DiNardo (17 y/o) wins Princeton Prize in Race Relations for his equity work in the community.

YAL students create the first Safe Space at Shaler Area High School for students in the LGBQTIA community.

YAL students work with the PA Bar Association to advocate for the passing of Title IX and equal pay for women.

First Satori Space is created at the VA Hospital in Pittsburgh. 

Imagine Further Collective (IFC) is founded to address the mental health needs of youth caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

IFC team commits to hosting 90 preventative mental health workshops in the City of Pittsburgh by 2024

IFC hosts six weeks of programming to 67 students at various summer camps and 24-weeks of programming to 120 youth at after school programs in partnership with the Hear Foundation and the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police.

IFC expands to support five summer camp programs for 500 youth.

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